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I've been watching AKB and just got to Mimori's succession... *brb crying for eternity*



I FEEL YOU. I FEEL YOU SO MUCH. I’ve been trying to rewatch season two for awhile now, but I haven’t been able to at all because I know I’ll be reduced to a blubbering puddle of tears. 

Do you like it so far though?? I saw on your cospage you were thinking about doing a cosplay from it?! *Waggles eyebrows* 

*rolls into the sun* I want to watch all the idol animus now lol. It’s so cute and so many feels and I just ugh. Cannot handle. xD

And yessss I think we may be doing a group at Colossalcon next year ;ω; Waffling between Yuko and Suzuko tho, but probably finishing the show will help that decision.

Ahhh you definitely should! Idolm@ster and Love Live! are both fantastic as well! :D 

Yessss! I can’t wait to seeeee! I still don’t know what my Colossalcon lineup will be like, but I’m definitely going to need some pictures of you in whichever cosplay you decide on (both would be adorable)!!! :3

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"What did that mean?”

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okay but iampinklemonade and i have matching icons now 

officially the coolest kids

Heck yeah! 

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If I don’t make it, tell my waifu I love her

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get to know me: [4/5] male characters | Hajime Hinata

"It won’t be just hope… There’s a lot of despair out there, too… And I don’t know what kind of future it’ll become. But our future is ours! We’re not going to leave it in anyone else’s hands anymore!"